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Fanfic Search for Batman/Flash involving cloning [Mar. 24th, 2012|03:57 pm]
JLU Slash


I am really hoping that some folks here can help me in my search as I've had no luck myself. :)

I'm looking for a multi-chapter wip or it may have been abdandoned, and was written years ago. Anyway I think Flash (Wally) was lost in the speed force or something from the first chapter. I remember it affects Batman the hardest. He realises he felt something for the Flash. With the Flashs' DNA he tries to make a clone.

He may have the DNA of other Justice League members as well. I don't remember that to well. I think the first couple Wally clones died. Than one made it through just as Bruce was thinking of giving up. So then there is a kid version of Wally. I think Bruce nicknames the clone something different from the original so both can have seperate identities.

Not sure if the Wally clone starts out with some years in or as a baby. But he grows crazy fast. Most of the story takes place at the Wayne Manor. I also remember that Alfred was there and the rest of The Juctice League make guest appereaces.

Please and thank you in advance!
And sorry for bothering you guys with this. 0.o

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Scilicet... (That Is To Say...) [Jun. 25th, 2011|12:16 am]
JLU Slash

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Title: Scilicet... (That Is To Say...) 
(If above link doesn't work, try this one)
"Batman", Superman. Eventually "Batman"/Superman
Rating: Currently PG-13(ish?) Will probably get up to NC-17 evenutally.
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Gender Flip
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Justice League (TV), Justice League Unlimited, Batman The Animated Series... and several sorta random "ish" for various comics (mostly Batman).

There are an infinite number of parallel Earths. For every decision we make, somewhere there is an Earth where we have already made the opposite choice. But it is not only our decisions which are affected by this, but all the "decisions" made by nature... here is a world where you're poor. One where your rich. One where no fish was brave enough to crawl up on land. One where the world ended in nuclear war...

Here is a world where Thomas and Martha Wayne didn't die. Here is one where Bruce died with them... and here, here is a parallel Earth where Thomas and Martha Wayne died, but Rachel Wayne survived.

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Fanfiction...Kinky Fanfiction *Blush* [Jun. 22nd, 2011|06:59 pm]
JLU Slash

[mood |nervousnervous]

Title: Currently untitled
Author: tiptoptile
Characters/Pairing: ?/Flash, Batman/Flash
Rating: NC17
Word Count:2,436
Summary: PWP
Disclaimer: Dubconnish, BDSM
Author's Notes/Warnings: So this is the first kink fic or PWP I've ever written, but I'm hoping it's at the very least acceptable. Any feedback is appreciated. :)

The story is under the cutCollapse )
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Searching for fic [Jun. 8th, 2011|01:29 am]
JLU Slash

Every few months I get in the mood to read this fanfic but it seems to have evaporated from fanfiction.net I would be so happy/ thankful is someone could help me find this again.


Lex Luthor and the joker trap superman, batman, flash, green arrow, and J'onn . In a weird reality/game/dimension where if they want to escape alive they must have sex with each other by being tops and bottoms (and in a limited amount of time). It was an awesome story and I'd love to read it again!

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The Princess and The Showgirl - a Fire & Ice fanmix [Feb. 19th, 2011|07:26 pm]
JLU Slash


 Recently posted a Fanmix.

Title: The Princess and The Showgirl
Pairing: Fire/Ice
Disclaimer: None belong to me! Only the mix itself!
Summary: Bea and Tora hit the town, get hammered, and find themselves 'letting loose', shall we say, with each other. Waking up sober, as is often the case, leads to drama.
But things work out! 

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[Fic] Triage [May. 5th, 2010|10:11 pm]
JLU Slash

[mood |giddygiddy]

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Batman/Question, Batman/Wally, Question/Wally (if you kinda tilt your head to the side and squint at it) Question/Huntress
Genre: Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own Justice League...If I did....Well, there would be some interesting adventures.
Summary:  A short series of drabbles. Wally loves Bruce, Bruce Loves Wally. Vic wonders sometimes why Bruce is determined to use him as a wedge.
Author’s Note:  I've lurked around this community for awhile but never posted anything.  Sooooo, here is something!  Cross posted on FF.N

SubstitueCollapse ) 


IrresistibleCollapse )


Redheads OnlyCollapse )VictimCollapse )DeliveryCollapse )Pillow TalkCollapse )
Don't HesitateCollapse )ContentCollapse )
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[Fic] Forgiving Yourself [Feb. 7th, 2010|08:36 pm]
JLU Slash

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Cross-posted to worlds_finest

Well...I finally got the balls to post here rather than lurk. XD I live mostly in the toonverse, but I'm slowly venturing out into the comicverse and I loooooooooove the movies. I hope to have a lot of fun here and bring teh smut...when I stop being lazy and get around to writing it. XXD

Author: luciferxdamien
Rating: PG-13-ish
Pairing: Superman/Batman
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Redemption begins with forgiving yourself.
Disclaimer: I don’t own, no matter how slashy DC makes them, this is still just a work of fiction of my evil brain. :/
Author’s Note: This…erm…piece was written for MissMiako’s contest over on AarinFantasy. Procrastination is not a good thing and well…Considering it was written in about 2 hours, I think it came out pretty nicely…You know…Considering… >.> Review?

Oh yes, I might write Batman’s side to all of this…I might not. Depends.

And because a muse should never be forgotten, I must give credit to my belurved Renaru, for she is my Zombie-pie. Try to eat her and I'll shank you with Kryptonite. Thank you, Renny, for putting up with me even though I know you don't really like this pairing.
Warnings: Uhhmmm…Angering the Batman? Really, REALLY pissing him off? Sulking Clark? Are those even warnings…
Fandom: Justice League – Toonverse

I just luv woobie ClarkCollapse )
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On A Completely Unrelated Note... Cartoons! [Jan. 10th, 2010|07:47 pm]
JLU Slash

[mood |amusedamused]

I got myself all 5 seasons of the JL cartoon for Christmas (YAY ME!) and have steadily been re-watching the entire series! (And discovering that yeah, the show is still as awesome as it was back when I was a kid!) I'm just getting through the episode 'Eclisped Part 1' and I had to stop to giggle, because of the Dr. Wertham dig. You guys, know Fredric Wertham, right? Infamous author of 'Seduction of the Innocent' circa 1954 in which he accused Batman of having homoerotic relations with Robin. 'Member him? Jerk. (Though, obviously his ideas weren't too farfetched. The Batfamily is the most incestous in the entire fandom.)

Well, Gordon Godfrey -- Jerk-y talkshow host that hates the JL and abused Wally's foot-in-mouth syndrome -- he uses a passage from a book 'The Innocent Seduced' --  Quoth the Talkshow Host: "Some children who admire these overpumped superheros do poorly in school, quarrel with their siblings, and refuse to eat their vegetables!" To Which Kiwi Replied: Obviously, this doctor has proved that the Justice League is pure evil! For children always do well in school, never quarrel with their siblings, and adore eating delicious vegetables! For we all reside in Hidden Valley! -- written by one Dr. Fredric, a respected child pyschologist, to prove that the JL is a bad influence. Or something like that. Anyway, I started giggling hilariously. That's right Dr. Wertham! You tell people Batman's a gay child molestor and the JL Animators are going to make obscure jokes about you! *snort* Did anyone else notice else? Or am I the only weird one out here? Sadly, I feel that I am... *sigh* Maybe I need to invest in a life. Is my motto 'Who needs a life when you have Hot Men In Spandex' a lie?!
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Fic: 10 Random things about Roy Harper [Sep. 28th, 2009|06:08 pm]
JLU Slash

Title: 10 Random Things about Roy Harper
Author: Erika
Email: funhapjoy@yahoo.com
Fandom: Justice League
Beta: Sylvie
Summary: Roy Harper – from boy to man.

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Physical Activity, Part 5 [Sep. 2nd, 2009|01:24 am]
JLU Slash
[mood |accomplished]

Yay, Chapter five is finished and posted! I don't know if there will be more or not, let me know what you think. 

Title: Physical Activity part 5
Author: gosuckonalemon
Characters/Pairings: Bruce/Wally, Dick
Rating: 18A (so far)
Summary: Consummation, canoodling, other words beginning with c...
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to DC. 
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